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Top Class Ski Lodge
Very close to ski lift system
This wonderful cabin called “Villa Persbo”, a red/blue house, is equipped with 8 beds. It is situated in peaceful surroundings apart from densely populated areas but nevertheless close to the "Gustavsbacken" slope and in the vicinity of Sälfjällstorget. The closest ski lift is “Falken” which is directly connected to the Lindvallen ski lift system. The distance to Falken is approximately 100 meters. You will have about 500 meters to ski rental, a well furnished grocery store (ICA Supermarket), restaurants, after ski, pizzeria, ice for skating…
At Sälfjällstorget you may also buy the ski lift pass.  Thereafter you can enter the lift system without having to go by car or bus for long distances.
After a relaxing day in the slopes you can go by ski directly home to  Villa Persbo. Downhill all the way!
The distance to the village of Sälen is some 5 kilometers. There you will find fully stocked food stores, liquor store, souvenir shops, post office, medical doctor and pharmacy etc.
More detailed information on how to find Villa Persbo will be furnished upon confirmed booking.
Please note that departure cleaning up is not included in the price but there are possibilities to arrange this to a minor cost. Please bring your own bed-linen and towels. Blankets and pillows are available in the house.

Villa Persbo

Villa Persbo

Prices and access direct!
With our on line booking (Bokning) system you can see present prices for rental. You may also always see if the lodge is available for rental or already booked. You can book the cabin directly from the web site.
Lodge description
This nice and cosy, red/blue, cottage is situated at the end of Fjällhemsvägen. You and your family will come to a cabin in the top class segment. The house was built in 2003 in an old fashioned but still very modern style. The lodge is situated in the middle of the fjeld (mountain) forest in a glade with isolated and peaceful surroundings well away from roads trafficked by vehicles. Despite this it is close to almost everything. In addition to this the lodge has a ski in/ski out location with only some 100 meters to the nearest ski lift.
The ground floor is spacious with a lofty ceiling of some 5 meters. The first you will see when you come into the house is the beautiful firewood stove.
On this floor there is also a master bedroom furnished e.g. with a large wall mirror, wall-TV with DVD, good storing possibilities for clothes and two beds which easily may be put together to a romantic double bed.
There is also an additional room (maybe for the children?) with two bunk beds each with two comfortable sleeping accommodations. There are good storing possibilities in this room as well.
The ground floor multipurpose room is equipped with a three-piece sofa and chairs, dining room furniture and kitchen facilities.
The kitchen is very well furnished with many different accessories to facilitate for you to prepare gourmet dinners as well as plain food. There is a stove with oven, fridge with freezer, dishwasher, microwave oven, percolator, espresso coffee maker, coffee mill grinder, food processor, toaster, waffle iron… Of course you will find wine and Martini glasses as well as all other utilities needed for a comfortable evening in the light of the firewood stove and candles.
In the multipurpose room there is also a wall-TV with  DVD, a lot of dvd-movies, as well as a HiFi/stereo-device with many cassettes and CD´s. As well there is a drop-leaf card table at hand should you wish to have fun with any of the cabin´s numerous parlour games of different kinds.
The bathroom is furnished with a shower and there is also a hair dryer and curling irons. With direct access from the bathroom there is a cosy after ski sauna.
Of course the house is equipped with washing machine, drying cabinet, storage room for your skis and car engine heater. The floors in the entrance and in the bathroom are electrically heated.
On the loft there are two single beds which easily can be put together to one double bed. There is also an air fan and cable TV with DVD as well as good possibilities to store clothes and personal belongings in the drawers. Of course there is a WC.
On the large terrace situated on the south side of the cabin in direct connection to the multipurpose room you may place the outdoor furniture to be found in the ski storage room. Take the opportunity to enjoy the winter landscape and get a nice sun tan at the same time.
In the garden there is an outdoor grill, barbeque. You can make a snow-couch and grill there. Use only (in Swedish) "grill-bricketter" and not coal (the coal sparks - and that is not good). You can buy "grill-bricketter" in several shops in the neighbourhood.
Please note that it is prohibited to smoke in Villa Persbo and you are not allowed to bring pets. No sanitation against allergies is made in the house.











You can find this cookery book,with a lot 

of pictures, in Villa Persbo

Den här kokboken med många foton hittar Du i Villa Persbo.

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The Falken ski lift station approximately 100 m from Villa Persbo




Here you can find a map showing where the closest ski lift to Villa Persbo, Falken (slopes no 31-32-34, lift no 24)), is situated in the ski lift system. Slightly downwards to the left, seen from the ski lift Falken, Villa Persbo is situated. This map is easily enlarged or made smaller with the %-square. Fjällhemsvägen is the road at which´s end Villa Persbo is situated. You will find the road very close to Sälsätern on the map. There you can also see that the distance to the ski lift Falken is some 100 meters.
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When you want to book the house Villa Persbo you can see underneath which weeks that are available for rental. Usually Sundays are shifting days. Make a choice of which period you want to book. Make a note of this in the Booking formula in the message field underneath. Please fill in your contact details.
Final cleaning up may be ordered separately. This does not need to be booked beforehand; it is possible to book the same week you have arrived to Villa Persbo.
For further information, please see the page "Bokning"

General Conditions
What conditions are applicable when you book Villa Persbo?
General Conditions for Rental of Cottages and Apartments
Adopted by the Association Sweden Tourism May 29, 1990, after negotiations with the Swedish Board of Consumers. Where we apply special conditions, these are printed with italics below.
Who is responsible?
Responsible intermediary is: KSRAB, c/o Sjöberger, Valsäng 347, SE-471 92 Klövedal, Sweden, telephone (mobile) +46(706) - 34 82 50.
As intermediaries we are responsible to see to it that:
·        You get a written confirmation on your booking.
·        You get documentation and information of where the key can be picked up in due time, but not necessarily more than 30 days before agreed day of arrival.
·        The house corresponds with the description on the confirmation.
·        You are informed about all essential changes that may concern your booking.
·        You may dispose of the house from 3 p.m. on agreed arrival day until 11 a.m. on departure day, if not anything else has been agreed.
(If you are not satisfied with the house, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the house supervisor)
When does your booking become binding?
When you have paid your registration fee (or the whole rental fee when applicable) yourself as well as ourselves have accepted your booking and it is binding.
When shall you pay?
The registration fee, which amounts to 50% of the rental fee, shall be us at hand immediately after booking date. The registration fee is deducted from the rental fee. The remainder of the rental fee shall be us at hand at the latest 60 days before agreed arrival day.
If you have booked less than 60 but before 30 days before arrival the entire rental fee shall be us at hand within 5 days from the booking date.
If you book later than 30 days before arrival, the entire rental fee shall be us at hand within 2 banking days, however latest on the day before arrival.
When large changes in bookings caused by you occur, an administrative fee of 250 SEK may be charged.
The hire shall always be fully paid before arrival. Please always state your name upon payment.
What happens if you do not pay in time?
Payment reminders are not sent out with regard to registration fee.
If you do not pay the registration fee or the final rental fee in due time we will cancel your booking.
What applies if you cancel your booking?
You can cancel your booking orally or in writing to us. The cancellation is not accepted if it is made to somebody else or is sent to the cabin. We are obliged to confirm your cancellation in writing. If you cancel your booking more than 60 days before arrival, we will keep 50% of the registration fee. If you cancel less than 60 days before arrival and can present a valid testimonial, we will keep 50% of the entire rental fee. The remaining amount will be paid back to you after we have received the testimonial. The testimonial shall be us at hand within 7 days from the cancellation date. If you cancel the booking when there is less than 60 days before arrival and do not present a valid testimonial we will keep 100% of the total rental fee. Repayment will not be done if you have not been in contact with us before 14 days before the booked arrival date.
Valid reasons for accepted cancellation of booking:
A: death, which has happened to husband/wife, children or travelling companion.
B: sickness or accident of serious kind which has happened to yourself, husband/wife, children or travelling companion.
C: call up for military service.
D: any other serious occurrence beneath your control, which you could not possibly have foreseen when you booked and of which follows that it is not reasonable to demand that you shall keep up to your booking, e.g. conflagration or flooding in your home.
You must be able to prove your impediments with a testimonial from e.g. a medical doctor, an authority or an insurance company. The testimonial shall be us at hand within 7 days from the cancellation date of the booking.
What rights do you have?
If we do not provide the house in promised condition or at the right time: If you have complaints you should inform us as soon as possible and at the latest by 11 a.m. the day after arrival. Shortcomings that occur during your stay shall be notified to the house superintendent immediately so we get a chance to rectify. You have the right to put somebody else in your place as lodger and we shall accept that person if we do not have specific reasons to deny, e.g. too low age. In such a case you must inform us before the arrival day and we will charge a rebooking fee of 1 000 SEK.
What obligations do you have?
A minimum of 25 years of age is imperative for at least 2 persons when renting this house.
You must look after the house and hold it well-kept following the rules, instructions and regulations given. You are personally responsible for all damages that may arise on the house and its inventories due to the negligence of you or your companions. You are obliged to follow the regulations with regard to prohibition of smoking and bringing of pets which are applicable to this house. A breach of these prohibitions will mean a sanitation cost to be paid by you with a minimum of 1 000 SEK. You are not allowed to use the house for anything else than what was agreed at the booking (usually leisure- or conference living) and you are not allowed to let more people stay in the house or in the garden overnight than the number that was agreed on booking. You have to clean up thoroughly before departure. If you miss this we will have to charge you a fee of SEK 1 500. You must return all the house keys when you leave. If this is not done we will have to charge you a fee of minimum 2 000 SEK for change of locks.
The rental agreement will cease immediately if:
·        You or somebody in your companionship behaves in a disturbing manner in the house/the vicinity.
·        You or somebody in your companionship make damages to the house, the inventories or things in the vicinity.
·        The house is used for not agreed purposes.
If the rental agreement ceases by the reason of the above, yourself and your companions must immediately leave the house and you will have no right to be refunded for any part of the rental fee.
War, natural catastrophes, strikes etc
You as well as we have the right to withdraw from the rental agreement if the house cannot be provided due to acts of war, natural catastrophes, labour market conflicts, longer disruptions in water- or energy supply, fire or other similar courses of events, which neither you nor we could have foreseen or influenced. In such a case we are obliged to pay back to you as soon as possible what you have paid, with deduction for the benefits you have had of the house.
What happens if we do not agree?
Please turn to us with possible complaints, do not hesitate. Be aware of that your possibilities to get a correction may become smaller if your complaints are delayed. If we do not agree you can turn to the “Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden” (the Swedish Public Complaints Board). It consists of an impartial chairman and a number of representatives for travel organizers and consumers.
The rental price does not include cleaning up, bed-linen, towels, child´s bed/child´s chair. Neither is toilet paper and cleaning detergents etc not included in the rental price. Please remember to bring this with you!
Nota Bene
Please check arrival- and departure date on the booking confirmation.
Reservation for printing errors.


Snowman? Snömannen?




Cones on spruce just outside the Villa Persbo

Kottar på en gran alldeles utanför Villa Persbo







 From the porch




Mosses and lichens like clean air

Mossor och lavar vill ha ren luft




Spruce with resin

Gran med kåda







Standing on the entrance steps of Villa Persbo

Står på Villa Persbos trappa och tittar ut




 Hare tracks just outside the Villa Persbo

 Harspår alldeles utanför Villa Persbo



The sun is always shining in Sälen :) Solen skiner alltid i Sälen:)



 Telefon: 0706 348 250